About Jackson Communities

The Association of Jackson Communities is located in Sachse (pronounced SAK-SEE), Texas and is comprised of 308 homes. Jackson Hills and Jackson Meadows are the two neighborhoods that make up the Jackson Communities Homeowners Association, which is managed by CMA. Teena Solomon is the CMA Association Manager and our primary contact. Membership in the Association of Jackson Communities is mandatory with dues collected each January. Sachse is a rural community that is growing rapidly with the expansion of the 190 President George Bush Turnpike extending through the southern part of the City. Mostly residential, retail and commercial businesses are beginning to develop along Highway 78.

With the adoption of the updated Comprehensive Plan, the City is poised for future growth within the realm of the country living atmosphere.

IMPORTANT: Jackson Meadows Wall Reconstruction

A contractor has been approved to replace the failing screening wall in Jackson Meadows that faces Miles Road. Home owners that back up to this wall will be notified individually. Once a work start date has been confirmed we will post additional information.

Roof Ridge Vents Guideline Change

At the April 6, 2016 Board meeting, the Board of Directors voted to allow roof ventilation ride vents. Overwhelming support for the change was voiced at the meeting with no opposition. Effective immediately any ACC request for roof ridge vents will be approved.

Roof Replacement Approvals

With the recent storms, many homeowners will need to be replacing roofs. This is a reminder that the work must be approved through an ACC request prior to work starting. The ONLY color of shingle that will be approved is Weathered Wood. Any other color can result in the homeowner incurring the expense of replacing the roof again.

Before any work is done on your house, prior ACC Approval is REQUIRED

stop To avoid violations and the possible removal of a new project, please be sure that ALL projects are submitted for ACC approval BEFORE WORK IS BEGUN! This includes NEW ROOFS, painting, landscaping, fences, etc.

Contact CMA if you have any questions (972-943-2870) or go to the CMA website (www.cmamanagement.com).

CLICK HERE for more information that will answer the following questions:

1. What is an ACC
2. Why do I need it
3. What is the easiest way to Submit?

2018 Board Meeting Schedule

  • January 30
  • April 25
  • May 8 (Annual HOA Meeting)
  • July 13

The meeting location for Quarterly Board Meetings AND the Annual Meeting will now be held at the Sachse Public Library.



Board of Directors

The current HOA Board of Directors are as follows:

  • Darwyn Flynn, President
  • Butch Davis, Vice President
  • Michael Light, Treasurer
  • Sheila Jones, Secretary
  • Randy McElroy, Director and Communications

The Board meets quarterly.

Bylaws and Covenants

For current and potential residents of Jackson Communites, a copy of the current Governing Documents (HOA's Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws & Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions) can be reviewed by clicking HERE

2016 Revisions to Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions can be reviewed by clicking HERE

Note that the above link to the Design Guidelines includes revisions required from 2015 legislative mandates.


Crime Watch and Video Cameras

Video cameras and signs have been installed in our neighborhood to tell criminals they are being watched when they enter our community.


Special thanks to Butch Davis for helping to install the signs and to our home-owners who have allowed cameras to be installed at their homes on behalf of all of us. They are indeed our guardians.